The sea has always been a great training ground for life.

In the old days noble families enlisted their kids already at 12/13 y.o. in the navy, but also in more recent times, both military and civil sailing organizations have always excelled in training of young characters.

My experience in these years at sea made with youngsters goes in the same direction.

Here, at The Lifetime Cruise, our day by day life sailing the oceans, experiencing different cultures and living in symbiosis with the sea, is by all means a great tool to build and temper youngster's character. An opportunity to deal with the strict rules of nature, with responsibilities, to share the hardships and joys of a committed, close-knit crew.

From this idea The Lifetime Cruise Academy was born, a training program addressed to university students, an effort to transfer to future generations what I learned during my life at land and at sea. The ultimate goal is not to teach students to sail, but to sail to transfer them the respect for old rules and values, thus casting their characters.

A school of life, before exposing young people to the responsibilities and pressures that our system will put on them once they leave the university.


During our cruises around the world we welcome on board four young mariners from different nationalities for a 2/3 months “scholarship”. During this period  they will be participate as crew member to all type of activities we perform on board, from sail trimming to anchoring, from radio communication to weather forecasting, from cooking to deck rigging, from food provisioning to engine maintenance, from fishing to scuba diving. We share all our experiences trough our web site and the homonymous Facebook page through photos, videos and stories, another opportunity for our junior crew fellows to be involved in a creative activity encompassing photo/video shooting and editing, as well as journalistic activities.

Group dynamics come on immediately when you leave the safe but stagnant waters of a harbor, to deal with the uncertainty of the open sea. As in business, even on a sailboat everyone plays a crucial role to achieve. At relational level, students will learn to base their action on participation, to create a shared mission, to instill the sense of affiliation, to improve communication and listening ability, to pay attention to the ”weak” signals both in the group and in the climate. At Team level students will develop abilities towards team building, team working, decision making, problem solving, planning, results and objectives orientation, recognition of the different styles of leadership. On a personal level students will develop self-control and stress management, adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness. The learning process of each student will be monitored and evaluated trough a scoring system based on both technical and behavior elements.
A final evaluation will be hand out at the end of the program to each crew member.
 For further information or application please email us.