Cruising around the world on board of your own yacht is a dream for all yachtsmen.

It has been also my dream, however, as far as myself and my wife are concerned, we came to the conclusion that it was time to settle our sails.

It is not only about sailing, discovering, but also the desire to slow down the endless rush we are unconsciously living every day.
The Lifetime Cruise is a voyage around the world, the discovery of the sea and its underwater treasures, but above all it is a journey among peoples and cultures: the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Caribbean, South America, Patagonia, Antarctica, till the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.
Through this web site we want to share this experience with those of you who have cultivated this dream as well.

However some of you might wish to join our vojage trough hands on experience.
Poets, sailors and dreamers are welcomed to join us in this adventure, sailing and scuba-diving in the most remote seas on the planet.
 Un opportunity for us to share unforgetable moments and some costs.

"Happiness only real when shared": Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild)