Back to Civilization

Stanley Harbor, West Falklands Last night was a very pleasant one: no waves, 10 knots of wind, mainsail and thee code 0 ashore and we slide on the water at 7.5 knots without...

Posted on Mar 3, 2016


The Drake is behind us

Banco Burdwood, South Atlantic Ocean Lat 54 ° 26.41'S; Long 057 ° 42.21'W I perceive it, the Drake is behind us, we are back in the Atlantic after 15 months and 10.269 miles spent...

Posted on Mar 2, 2016


Crew moral management

The forecasts downloaded last night confirmed a good weather window to face the Drake, so this morning at 06:30h we set sail. Rounded Harmony Point on Nelson Island and gained the...

Posted on Feb 28, 2016


Towards the Drake again

Lat 62 ° 14.15; Long 058 ° 40.50'W Yesterday, as expected, we set sail at 04:30h am and by 5:30 am we were out of Deception. Outside 15 knots of wind were waiting for us and with...

Posted on Feb 27, 2016


Free Shopping the Gabriel De Castillia Base

Lat 62 ° 58,45'S; Long 060 ° 40.60'W It is 2300h and as I write this note, Valentina and Matteo are arranging about fifty kilos of freshly shipped food. A pack of 6x1.5-liter...

Posted on Feb 25, 2016


Entreprise Bay

Lat 64 ° 32.40'S; Long 061 ° 59.89'W Another unforgettable day. The sun has accompanied us for the whole day making the 8 hours I spent at the helm extremely pleasant. Our...

Posted on Feb 22, 2016


Paradise Bay

Paradise Harbor, Caughtrey Peninsula Lat 64 ° 54.12; Long 062 ° 51.90'W Back at sea, for a day full of adventures. We set sail at 07:30h, calling the Ukrainian station by radio and...

Posted on Feb 21, 2016


At sea again

Vernadsky Research Station, Galindez Island This morning I woke up with the question of what to do with the beam in the port side hull. It is only one plank out of the 20 sitting...

Posted on Feb 20, 2016