For the past 9 days we have been "prisoners" in Stanley. Not that the town does not deserve  or people are inhospitable. The place is lovely and locals extremely courteous. The atmosphere is very British. People even if engaged in driving their cars, do not miss the opportunity to offer a polite greeting. The problem is that we are not in the mood for tourism, we want to reach Mar del Plata as soon as possible to find a facility to dry dock Angelique II thus to start the necessary repairs.
We are also  a bit tired of wind and cold and even if the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees, the anemometer has never been below 20 knots for a week, with gusts above 40 knots.
Every day, with renewed hope, we download the weather forecasts but we can not find a favorable weather window longer than 72 hours.
We need at least twice as much and the idea of ​​being at sea for 3 days of winds above 30 knots against us does not excite us at all.
So we decided to wait for better conditions. At least myself and Vaentina, because our crew has gradually disappeared.
Adela and Ijri left already last Saturday. They had planned to return to south of Chile to climb Torres del Paine and with the arrival of autumn they preferred not to wait any longer .
Today we also greeted Matteo and Dave.
Matteo has a flight back to Italy from Lima at the end of the month and he could not run the risk of losing it. Dave I think he eventually decided to join Matteo.
The cruise is over, the crew has been "dismissed" and after 2 months our Life Academy close his door. The school ship turns back to the usual family boat.
Saturday, March 12, 2016 By Giamba