San Pedro Belize

The Blue Hole is one of the wonder of Belize and one of the most famouse diving site in the world. The boarding will be done in San Pedro - Ambergris Cay, wereas disembark will be in Belize City. This second itinerary provides a less comfortable navigation than the first one. This because we would be heading to the outside atolls, so most of the legs of this cruise will be on open ocean and against the wind. We will sail more than 100 nautical miles so we need to foresee 20 ours of sailing over the entire week. But the rewards is to experience some of the most preserved barrier reefs in the world such as the famous Blue Hole (made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who declared it one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world) and Half Moon Cay National Park. An itinerary in which we will certainly be spending more time on board ans in the water (diving and snorkeling) rather than ashore.

This is our tentative program
Day 1: After boarding in San Pedro - Ambergris Cay snorkeling/diving/SUP activities and visit ashore.
Day 2: after early breakfast  we set sails to Rendevouz Point, an anchorage on the northern tip of Turneffe Island, 20 miles away, were we shall spend the night. 
Day 3: after breakfast snorkeling/diving activities. After lunch transfer to Long Cay, approximatively 25 miles away. 
Day 4: after breakfast snorkeling/diving/SUP activities. 
Day 5: after breakfast we will move to Half Moon Key National Park, approximatively 5 miles away. 
Day 6: after breakfast snorkeling/diving at the Blue Hole. After lunch we shall set sails to Lighthouse Reef, approximatively 20 miles away. 
Day 7: after breakfast snorkeling/diving/SUP. After lunch we shall set sails to  Belize City, approximatively 30 miles away.  
Day 8: after breakfast disembarking.

This is a program based on the calssic week cruise, with seven nights on board, which is the minimum stay required by such a course. Our 140 square meters catamaran is equipped to provide you the best possible time on baord. Details and pictures of Angelique II here

Submitted by Giamba on Sun, 09/30/2018 - 22:27