Patagonia is the Ultimate destination of all sailors, a myth fueled by multitude readings on the experiences of those who have sailed these seas. Readings about extreme conditions of sea, wind, temperatures, currents, icebergs, but all equally unanimous in describing Patagonia as one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of the world; perhaps the most beautiful.
The Cordillera Fuegina that runs from Port Mont until the Tierra del Fuego diving in the Pacific designs an endless maze of channels, many of which still not officially mapped. The Chilean Channels, rich in flora and ancient culture, as they continue south embrace the Cordillera Darwin, with its glaciers. There the Strait of Magallanes separates the mainland from Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego with the southern city of the world: Ushuaia. Less than 150 km south of Ushuaia lies Cabo de Hornos, the most feared cape of the Globe where the Pacific and the Atlantic collide, fueled by low pressures that come from the Antarctic. We spent one entire year in Patagonia and more than 2.000 miles. The most amazing year of our life. Full story on our blog here